Mini Sessions - Meg Brothers Photography

When: May 25, 2019 morning & golden hour sessions

Where: TBD (I'll be watching to see what's blooming and beautiful!)


The act of motherhood is a daily lesson in selflessness. We learn to be caretakers, masters at completing tasks, and we sharpen our skills at juggling lives and planning adventures.

So many of our daily adventures are captured with phone cameras and they are important and valuable photos that record our lives in the moment. So many photos of my own children reside on my phone. But there is such value and treasure in also having photos from someone else's point of view. From a trained eye where you're not holding your phone yourself or doing an "everyone smile for the camera" face. Photos taken by someone who is witnessing what it's like when you are in the act of mothering. That is my goal and my wish for you: that you would have photos that say 'I was present with you' not just always the one behind the camera or phone. I held you. I nursed you. I played with you. I wore you close. I want you to have photos that truly show the look in your eye when you smile at your child. The love that can only be felt. Let's capture it. For you. For them. Set aside any resistance  and get in the picture with them. 

It matters. It's fleeting. Let's savor it.